Season 10 and beyond...

The Hertford Hotshots' statistician has taken a sabbatical due to coronavirus, and it's unknown when he will return! Updated stats for 2020 and beyond (albeit in a less sexy wrapper) can be found by clicking the button below!
Season 10 & Beyond

Season 9 - Autumn '19 - Merged Divisions

Both divisions merge for one of the Hotshots' most challenging seasons. Initially flying out of the gate, the Hotshots once again run out of steam towards the back end, missing out on 3rd place by only a few points!

Season 8 - Spring '19 - Division 2

The Hotshots bounce back again! The season starts off to a flyer with 4 wins on the bounce, before unfortunately petering out towards the end. A win in the final game of the season secures 4th place.

Season 7 - Autumn '18 - Division 1

Once again the Hotshots find themselves on the verge of folding, with the promise of Division 2 football the only thing keeping some players hanging on. Several big names leave the club and the end of the season here sparks a new chapter for the club.

Season 6 - Winter '18 - Division 2

The Hotshots bounce back with an incredible season! Morale throughout the season remains high as wins come with plenty of goals - unfortunately, mutiny within the ranks and a disagreement on whether gaining promotion would benefit the club in the long run cost the the title - and unfortunately we got promoted anyway...

Season 5 - Summer '17 - Division 1

Rock-bottom for the Hotshots! The team began to shed the more 'flakey' amoung the roster, and at one stage club survival looked doubtful. Several great chances which should have ended in 3 points went by untaken, and by the end of the season the Hotshots were left relegated. This relegation, however, was beleived by some to be exactly what the club needs. Only time will tell...

Season 4 - Spring '17 - Division 1

The second season in the top flight proved to be mediocre for the Hotshots, as we were unable to improve on our 5th place finish in the previous season. Narrowly dropping points in several games toward the end of the season meant morale was at an all-time low for the start of season 5.

Season 3 - Autumn '16 - Division 1

The Hotshots' first venture into the premier division was always going to be tough, but we made a promising start continuing our strong finish to the previous season. Unfortunately disaster struck mid-season when several key players became injured or unavailable at the same time. This sparked a downward spiral which would see the Hotshots go from challenging for the title to mid-table mediocrity.

Season 2 - Summer '16 - Division 2

The Hotshots returned for their second season in Herts6's with several new signings coming in after the first couple of games. From then on in we were unbeaten in 11 games! Narrowly missing out on the league title, the Hotshots gained promotion into the Herts6's premier division - rounding off a great season.

Season 1 - Winter '16 - Division 1

The Hotshots must have shaken things up a bit too much in their first season in Herts6s, because no league data exists anymore - other than the table. Seems like it wasn't our time yet...